Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

¨ English Language Education (S.Pd)

¨ Indonesian Language and Literature
Education (S.Pd)

¨ Mathematics Education (S.Pd)

¨ Biology Education (S.Pd)

¨ Early Childhood Teacher Education (S.Pd)


Faculty of Health Sciences

¨ Diploma Nursing (3 years program)

¨ Diploma Health Analyst (3 years program)

¨ Diploma Midwifery (3 years program)

¨ Bachelor of Nursing


Faculty of Economics

¨ Management (SE)

¨ Accounting (SE)


Faculty of Islamic Studies

¨ Religion Comparison (Ushuluddin)

¨ Islamic Education (Tarbiyah)

¨ Ahwal al-Syakhsiyyah

¨ Syariah Law Banking


Faculty of Engineering

¨ Electrical Engineering (ST)

¨ Mechanical Engineering (ST)

¨ Architecture Engineering (ST)

¨ Civil Engineering (ST)

¨ Naval Architecture Engineering (ST)

¨ Diploma Computer Engineering (ST)


Faculty of Psychology

¨ Psychology (S.Psi)


Faculty of Law

¨ Law Study (SH)

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