Competition & Achievements


at International Students Competition held by Airlangga University in 2015, DARMASISWA students of UMSurabaya win the following categories:

  1. The 3rd winner of grand champion 
  2. The 3rd winner of singing Bahasa Indonesia song
  3. The 1st winner of Indonesian traditional games
  4. The 1st winner of Poco-Poco dance



At the event of Regional Bahasa Indonesia Speech Competition hosted by UMSurabaya and organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia on May 11, 2015, Darmasiswa students of UMSurabaya win the 2nd Winner of Regional Bahasa Indonesia speech competition.


in 2014, DARMASISWA Students of UMSurabaya join traditional cooking competition held by Airlangga University


We call it sexy and futuristic model of UMSurabaya’s Darmasiswa students when they join International Students competition held by Airlangga University

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