Classroom Facilities

Teaching-Learning Supports

The classroom is supported with high-tech LCD for any creative and fun teaching-learning activities. The classroom’s setting is set up as cozy as possible with full Air Conditioner and movable learning chairs.

Tutorial Room

A special learning room is which designed more conducive to ease and accelerate the interaction between lecturer and student or student and student.


As a support teaching and learning activities which is contextual, all programs in UMSurabaya have complete and sufficient laboratories. They are:

  1. Nursing laboratory
  2. Health Analyst laboratory
  3. Midwifery laboratory
  4. Microbiology laboratory
  5. Architecture laboratory
  6. Combustion engine laboratory
  7. Multimedia laboratory
  8. Microteaching  laboratory
  9. Language laboratory
  10. Mathematics laboratory


Wi-Fi Access

All places in UMSurabaya can access Wi-Fi freely


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