National Engagement


Sharing our knowledge and resources to national institutions are pivotal to support Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya to give contribution to civilization and humanity in Indonesia. we open any mutual and potential cooperation with Muhamamdiyah organizations and institutions, government institutions, national universities, and other potential national partners.

This cooperation includes academic and non-academic affairs. Not limited to joint research, student exchange, visiting scholars, thesis juries, etc. we truly welcome you to be part of our harmony to give significantly contribution to prepare Indonesian graduates become a highly global skilled workforce.


Duration Download MoU
 2016-2019 UMSBY and EWA
 2017-2021 UMSBY and KONI
 2013-2018 UMSBY and Parahita Diagnostic Center
 2018-2020 UMSBY and Perpusda Jatim
 2013-2018 UMSBY and UM Gresik
 2015-2020 UMSBY and UM Malang
 2017-2022 UMSBY and UMP, Pemkab Ogan Ilir
 2016-2021 UMSBY and UM Ponorogo
 2015-2020 UMSBY and UM Sumatra Utara
 2018-2021 UMSBY and UNAIR 2018
 2016-2019 UMSBY and UNITOMO
 2014-2017 UMSBY and UNESA
 2016-2019 UMSBY and Universitas Narotama
 2014-2019 UMSBY and Universitas Antakusuma Pangkalan BUN
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